Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Weight Gain Support Programme | We Need Your Help.

Nursing instincts have hit me again. 

A few weeks ago, I read an article in a national newspaper about a lady in my home town who was trying to spread awareness and support for an issue very close to her heart and a lot of others. I thought her story was so brave and wanted to show my support, so I hunted her down on Facebook and told her. 

As someone who writes my own blog to spread awareness on anxiety and panic disorder, I know how difficult it can be sometimes, so I really wanted to actively help in spreading the awareness her cause definitely deserves. So far, I have volunteered to admin some social media pages which I will do my very best for to help those who need help, find it. I do hope to help out more as the organisation progresses. 

The founder of the support group, Kimberly, has taken it upon herself to start support groups, similar to Weight Watchers and Slimming World but for those who struggle to put on weight, rather than lose it. Being underweight is an 'invisible' illness and one that needs to be talked about more. Not everyone who is thin wants to be thin, in the same way that not everyone who is bigger is happy at the size that they are. As many of you who have experienced weight loss groups, they are motivating. They are empowering. They are a place of moral support. They are a place to make friends. They are a place to not feel so alone. They are a place to discuss your problems and be educated on how to help solve the problems. This is what we want for those who want to gain weight. 

After doing some research, Kimberly found that the only help available for those underweight and wanting to gain weight was BEAT, an eating disorder charity. However, and this is a big however, BEAT do not offer support for individuals without a diagnosed mental illness or eating disorder. Kimberley's personal story involved unexpected weight loss after a stressful time and she really struggled for years to put the weight back on. She still struggles today but in well into her recovery. She herself dropped to a shocking 5 stone 4 lbs and a BMI of 11.3 and was given no support other than 'try to eat more' and 'try to eat little and often'. 

Problems like this are so much more than just 'eat more', just like losing weight isn't just 'eat less'. Both take strength and need courage and support which society is lacking at the moment for those trying to lose weight. So many people I know have had success using weight loss support groups out there, so why not help support the creation of the same groups for those on the opposite side of the spectrum? There are people out there that need empowering to come forward and ask for help. 

With the right support, the right education and the right services readily available for those in need, individuals who are struggling with their weight can reach out and get themselves the support, motivation and inspiration they desperately need. Services like the support groups hoping to be set up in the near future can drastically change an individual's life or even save it. 

The Facebook support page The Weight Gain Support Group is linked below and if we want to make a difference, we need it spreading so people who need help, just like Kimberly did, can get it. 

There is also a UK government petition that needs signing by supporters to allow us to move forward with the support initiatives to help those in need of a help in hand. It's completely free to sign the petition. Please enter the details and an email will be sent to your email address to confirm you want to sign the petition.

The Princes Trust have offered to support Kimberly on her mission to change lives by offering training and qualifications to be able to provide the appropriate and essential support people who come forward for support need. 

Please please please help us save lives and give those in need the support and help that they yearn for and deserve. Please sign the petition and share the Facebook Page. 

Article about Kimberlys Story:

Facebook group:

UK government petition:

On behalf of Kimberly, thank you in advance for your support. 

Love Luce xo 

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